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  • Up to 1.6 litre from £159.99
  • 1.7 – 2.0 from £169.99
  • 2.1 – 3.0 from £179.99
  • Over 3.0 from £189.99

Engine Inspection, change & filter
Inspect engine for oil leaks  
Drain and change oil and filter  
Inspect radiator and radiator cap  
Check coolant hoses  
Inspect expansion bottle, tank and cap  
Check condition & tension of fan/ alternator  
Check condition & tension of auxiliary belts  
Inspect and top up anti-freeze as required  
Check and renew air filter  
Check spark plug schedule & report as required (Replacement at additional cost)  
Check timing belt schedule & report as required (Replacement at additional cost)  
Inspect electrical components of vehicle
Inspect interior and exterior lights  
Inspect warning lights  
Check diesel plug indicator as appropriate  
Inspect battery charge and terminals  
Inspect HT leads, distributor cap as required  
Check horn  
Inspect drive system & associated fluids
Inspect clutch operation  
Inspect driveshaft, joints, gaitors and boots  
Check & top up clutch & axle oil  
Check & top up transmission/ gearbox fluid as req’d  
Steering and suspension components
Check power steering & top up reservoir as required  
Check steering components for wear and corrosion  
Check condition of steering rack gaitors  
Inspect wheel bearings  
Inspect shock absorbers  
Inspect suspension  
Inspect vehicle windscreens & mirrors
Check windscreen washers, wipers, & function  
Top up windscreen was as required  
Check windscreen security & any chips/cracks  
Inspect mirrors (interior and exterior)  
Inspect number plate  
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect exhaust system  
Braking system & associated parts
Check brake pads for wear or damage  
Check callipers for leaks and security  
Check brake shoes for wear or damage  
Inspect operation of wheel cylinders & report links  
Check brake discs/ drums for cracks & corrosion  
Test and report brake fluid boiling point  
Inspect brake hydraulic system  
Inspect handbrake  
Inspect ABS warning light  
Check brake fluid & replacement schedule  
Inspect Fuel Filter & Caps
Fuel cap & fuel lines  
Replace fuel filter as appropriate (Replacement at additional cost)  
Tyre inspection
Check tyre tread depth  
Check tyre pressures  
Check general tyre condition  
Check tyres for uneven wear  
Check spare tyre  
Inspect TMPS valves  
Inspect TPMS warning light/ sensor  
Check pollen filter  
Reset vehicle service light as appropriate  
Lubricate door hinges, bonnet catch and locks  
Inspect seat belts (front and rear)  
Road test  
Stamp log book  
  • Up to 1.6 litre from £79.99
  • 1.7 – 2.0 from £89.99
  • 2.1 – 3.0 from £99.99
  • Over 3.0 from £109.99

  • Comprehensive 36 Point Service

Check Points: vehicle history, timing belt replacement interval, warning lamps on dashboard, air conditioning operation & temperature, air conditioning pipes, exterior lights, car horn, parking break lever travel, windscreen, washers & wipers, oil level on arrival, brake fluid condition, air filter, coolant strength, battery condition, power steering fluid, tyre condition & tread depths, visual brake check,  handbrake cable condition & security, exhaust condition & security, brake pipes & hoses, power steering pipes & hoses, visual check of steering components, visual check of suspension components, drive shaft & CV boot gaiters, gearbox & differential oils, auxiliary drive belts and re-check of engine oil level.

Action Points: drain engine oil, replace oil filter, re-fill engine oil, fill washer fluid, top-up gearbox & differential oils, lubricate door hinges & latches, reset service light and stamp service book.

  • Premium Castrol Oils and Premium Oil Filter (a £29 supplement will apply for fully synthetic oil)
  • Copy of full completed report to take away
  • All makes & models of car, expertise & manufacturer data in-house
  • Completed in 45 minutes or less

We have state of the art hydrogen technology which eradicates all harmful carbon deposits which have been built up in your engine.

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Give your car a health check to make sure everything is running smoothly!

For more information on MOTs see here

For more information on MOTs see here

The engine diagnostic check tests the vehicle's engine control computer (ECU) to scan all of the different systems to provide a list of any problems and error codes.

Keep cool this summer!

Poor alignment can increase wear on your tyres and reduce fuel economy.

We can provide a range of tyre options with fitting and disposal of your old tyres.

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Trust my Garage RMI Certified by the AA