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What is an MOT?

Mon 3rd July 2017

Your Brooklands Fast Fit MOT Centre in Leeds West Yorkshire.

At Brooklands fast fit MOT Centre when you book your MOT and service  with ourselves  we carry out a full inspection of your car, van, 4x4 to ensure its roadworthy at the time we test it in compliance with VOSA and the Ministry of Transport. All vehicles require an MOT test 3 years after they were initially registered and then every year after.

Here are the checks made during your MOT at Brooklands Fast Fit Centre in Leeds Armley:

Body and Structure.

Firstly we inspect the vehicle is free from excessive corrosion and rust spots, checking all the areas for damage ensuring the vehicle is up to the required standard.

The Fuel System.

All the seals and caps are inspected plus ensuring there are no leaks from the fuel system.


During the MOT we ensure the vehicle complies with the legal requirements for exhaust emissions.

The Exhaust System.

we ensure the exhaust system is secure to the chassis checking there are no unduly loud noises or leaks.

Seats and Belts.

We check that all seats and belts are safe and secure and are in full working order and operate to the required MOT VOSA standard.


All doors and locks operate fully from both inside and outside of the vehicle ensuring they are secure and safe.


Ensuring all the required mirrors are secure and are in a good working condition.

The Boot.

Ensuring the boot functions as required and when closed is secure and operating correctly.


One of the essentials during your MOT, ensuring they are up to the required standard as set by VOSA in terms of performance, condition and functionality.


Ensuring the tyre depth meets the necessary required standard, checking the evenness of the ware, and punctures.

Registration Plates.

The number plates letters must be spaced correctly and the plate must be in good condition and clearly visible.


All lights must function during the MOT ensuring the condition is up to the VOSA standards – (checking headlight aim, headlights, fog lights, hazard lights, number plate lights etc)


The bonnet must open and close securely.


The windscreen must allow good visibility, ensuring the cracks do not obscure your vision and do not succeed the required limit.

Wipers and Washers.

Must function and allow for good visibility in all conditons.


Must be in full working order.

Steering and Suspension.

Ensuring they do not exceed the limits of play. Checking condition and full functionality.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

These are on all vehicles first used from August 1980 onwards and only a single vehicle identification number should be displayed unless of course you have a multi-stage build vehicle.

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